Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kia Orana from Room 2!

Room 2 has had an awesome start to Term 3!

This term, we celebrated Cook Island Language Week. We started each day off with Cook Island greetings. Throughout the week, we read Cook Island myths and legends, enjoying a story about a great drum challenge and another about a kind, helpful shark. We learnt about Tivaevae and found out about how it is made. We even saw a real Tivaevae up close! We finished off the week by learning the basics of Cook Island dancing. It was a blast!

“I saw zigzags on the tivaevae. It looked like a big snowflake.”

By Eliyah

“Cook Islanders make tivaevae. Mums, nana’s, aunties, sisters, and daughters make it. It is the best thing I’ve seen in my life.”
By John

“You can use tivaevae for your wall or your bed. It has all kinds of different patterns on it. The tivaevae is something given with love.”
By Anthony

Monday, August 14, 2017

The NED Show

Room 1 watched The NED Show. We enjoyed listening to Katie tell a story using a yoyo. Ned said, 
“Every kid is a

I learnt to not give up.
 This will make me a champion!

Here I am encouraging my friend Toakase to read and I am helping her learn new words.
We are champions!

Here I am doing my best by not giving up learning how to count in threes. I have 15 sets of 3.
What’s 3 x 15 Tamerita? (45)
I am a champion!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The NED Show.

Room 1 watched The NED Show. We enjoyed listening to Katie tell a story using a yoyo. Ned said, “Every kid is a Champion”


"I learnt to not give up. This will make me a champion!", whispered Teremoana.

"Here I am encouraging my friend Toakase to read and I am helping her learn new words",exclaimed Taniela.20170705_083727.jpg

We are champions!

20170724_124017.jpg"Here I am doing my best by not giving up learning how to count in threes. I have 15 sets of 3", said Tamerita.

What’s 3 x 15? (45)
I am a champion!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Matariki at Tupu Library.


We applaud the amazing talent of our tamariki who were invited to attend the first Auckland Libraries Matariki event hosted by Tupu Library in Otara.
A special occasion to celebrate new beginnings and whanaungatanga which we were excited to participate in and extend aroha to our Otara community through waiata-ringa, haka and waiata.
Tupu Library.PNG

We congratulate our performers: Azariah, Tylae, Caroline, Amaziah, Hauldreson, Irie, Josey, Mary-Jane, Tanolo, Apitanga Gloria, Olioni, Tevita and Zephyr.

Special Meitaki Ma’ata (Thank you) to our band members Mr Greig and Mr Takatainga for sharing our special sound. To our Auckland libraries whanau Roimata, Isabella and Rongo for the invitation to perform and your support.

Room 9 Grass Men.

Room 9 Grass Men

In Room 9 we have been finding out about seeds and plants. We each made a Grass Man by filling an old sock with some grass seed and soil. 

We chose eyes, a nose and a mouth for our Grass Man. Then an adult helped us glue them on.
Grass Men need water and light to grow. We put them on a table by the window where the sun always came in. We had to water them at the water fountain if they felt dry.
After a few days, this is what they looked like:    

We waited a few more days. On Monday when we came to school, we got a big surprise! Our Grass Men had really long hair!


Time to give the Grass Men a haircut!

We think they look great!!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ruma Tahi Authors.

File:Maori-rafter10.svg - Wikimedia Commons                                  
Haere mai Nau mai

Welcome to Ruma tahi!

We have been learning to speak Te Reo Māori through waiatas (songs) Māori games using rakau and poi and listening to Māori legends. We learnt about Māori symbols so we decided to make our own book. We wrote sentences using similes and we drew straight and curved lines and used collage to make our symbols.


File:Maori-rafter10.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Our pikorua is blue like the pacific Ocean and it looks like number eight. Tamerita, Latai & Teremoana

Matau looks like red hot flames of blazing fire. It is strong as a lion. Eli

File:Maori-rafter10.svg - Wikimedia Commons


Porowhita represents the past and future. It looks like warrior's eyeballs popping wide open.
Toakase, Pauline & Taylah.
Koru represents new beginnings. It is beautiful and you can wear it like a necklace. Jahmani.
It looks like a baby in mummy’s tummy.   Ngatokorima.
Matau is a Māori fish hook. It looks like a bonfire. It is parakaraka like a goldfish. Izrayl, Taufa & Mark.
File:Maori-rafter10.svg - Wikimedia Commons

20170511_134128.jpg20170511_134241.jpgMoses Taniela.jpg
Our porowhita looks like my nana’s earrings.  Mahine.
It is blue like fresh air. Susana.
It is blue like the ocean. Miana.
It is white like fluffy clouds. Fakalelu & Sekola.
Koru is a spiral like a snail’s shell. Koru is green like the dense bush and forests of Aotearoa. Taniela & Moses.
File:Maori-rafter10.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Our muri paraoa is black and shiney like the stars.
Room 1

Our roimata is kakariki like a tall totara tree.
Mrs Tu’ikolovatu.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Bubbles in Room 5!

Image result for bubbles images

Bubble Trouble with Room 5!

This term, we had Science in a Van come and visit. It was wonderful and magnificent. We learnt about bubbles and mixtures.

“In class, Miss Kelly did some predictions work with us. We guessed what we thought would happen when we made our own bubbles” - Omera.
"The bubbles go POP! The bubbles fly in the air. Bubbles are fun.” - Gideon

Can you make your own mixture? Put two things together and see what happens!
Remember in Science we…